Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trio of Agents Ex, Why and Zed

In this confidential and undated photo: agents Ex, Why and also Zed
Here are agents Ex, Why and also Zed, from the Underground Intelligence Agency.
You'll ask me: "What's that Underground Intelligence Agency business ? I'll give a answer : I do not know.

Not much is known about the Agency. What are its activities ? Who is the Agency working for ? Does the Agency know you ? Do the agents themselves know who they are working for ? Do they know themselves ? All these are questions which will probably remain forever unanswered.
Of course such a thick veil of secrecy will likely tickle people's imagination and lead to a considerable amount of grotesque speculation. It is said for instance that the mere fact of mentioning the Agency agents' names in a public space, whatever the medium used (eg: a blog) directly attracts the Agency's wrath and that the offender is never seen again in his or her original form.
Of course all this is pure fantasy and ... oh wait, someone is knocking at the

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