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The hanging philosophers

Some philosophers have a tendency to hang
Don't try to comprehend
These are just three guys hanging
And they happen to be philosophers
They could have been bakers, jugglers or blacksmiths
But they are not
They are just philosophers
And they are hanging
That's all

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Teenage neutrinos and the art of deceit

Lying is second nature for teenage neutrinos
So some neutrinos have broken the speed limit ? No worries, after some reeducation they'll come back on the right track.
On a side note and totally unrelated, when I was in kindergarten I used to draw human beings without a body - just the limbs attached to the head. I felt that there was something strange but couldn't point exactly to what was wrong.

Why did some neutrinos break the speed limit ?

Neutrinos always have lame excuses to justify their reckless driving

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The unquenchable thirst for knowledge

The thirst for knowledge doesn't leave you until after you breathe your last

Friday, September 23, 2011

Near death experiences

We hear a lot about near death experiences but we've never actually seen any of these so called "close death encounters".
Now, here's an exclusive scoop from Imprimatuur: for the first time, I can show you some impressive photographs of near death experiences. Beware, these are not photoshoped  (or maybe slightly edited to adjust the contrast) and might come as a shock for some of you. If you are not comfortable looking at these photographs, please leave this page and have a look at How Stuff Works instead. You've been warned.

A case of near death experience (actual photo, no photoshop)

An other case of near death experience (actual photo, no photoshop)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Fear of public speaking

Death is no longer number one 
We had an interesting session at work about presentation skills and believe it or not, apparently polls suggest that the fear of speaking in public is more powerful than the fear of death !
I guess these guys probably never experienced death before. So much for the instinct of self preservation !

Monday, September 19, 2011

Latin de cuisine

Le chef cuistot du Vatican sanctionne toutes les allocutions Urbi et Orbi

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Birds

They said: "The Birds"
Hey, I'm a bird !
So what 
Newly released archives show that some unexpected candidates showed up at the casting of Hitchcock's "The Birds" .

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dracula tries his luck in the CG industry

A solid cv and you're in !

It's a known fact, lighters dread direct sunlight.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to draw Rajinikanth - a methodical approach

This blog has a statistics counter so that I know how often people access it, and from where. The counter also reports the referral which is the link from where people came, such as search engines. 
In the past months, the top searches which lead to my blog has been "How to draw Rajinikanth" and similar. People would then land on one of my previous posts: Rajinikanth, the man who can auto draw himself.
Since so many people are interested in drawing the celebrity, I though I would add my contribution to this noble cause.

So how to draw Rajinikanth ?

There are exactly two approaches:
  • As mentioned in Rajinikanth, the man who can auto draw himself, you can wait until your blank sheet of paper gets auto drawn by none other than Rajinikanth. Although a valid solution, it is not that practical since you might need to wait a long time, and the result might be unpredictable as the star will draw himself as he wants it, depending on his mood. Not much artistic control, I concede
  • The other solution is to follow the diagram below. It is a systematic approach and if you follow the arrows scrupulously, you'll end up with a Rajinikanth drawn by none other than yourself !
So arm yourself with patience or a pencil and good luck !

(Click to enlarge, unless you have a rajinikanthesque hyper vision)
The sure way to draw Rajinikanth

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lokpal Bill

During these last months, India has witnessed a lot of activity regarding the adoption of the Lokpal bill meant to fight the rampant corruption affecting public life. A campaign by social activists headed by Anna Hazare is pushing for a Jan lokpal bill or citizens' ombudsman bill - which is supposed to have more teeth to fight and deter corruption by calling among other things to get the prime minister and the higher judiciary within the ambit of the law.

To put pressure on the government, Anna Hazare had started an indefinite fast which he eventually stopped after the Lok sabha (parliament) gave its approval on key elements of the Jan Lokpal bill.
However, not everybody aggrees with Anna Hazare who has been hastily branded as the new Gandhi by a section of the media . His critics, who includes among others Aruna Roy, the National Campaign for People's Right to Information (NCPRI) or Arundhati Roy, argue that the proposed draconian bill will not be effective, is undemocratic, oppressive and populist in spirit and that its exact judicial powers are not clear (in its current form). The bill is also opposed by the All-India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations, representing the Dalits and backward castes who say that Anna Team’s demands are extra constitutional and undemocratic and feel that this movement is against the system of reservation. Here's an article from the organisation about the Jan Lokpal

Here are two articles published in The Hindu:

Anybody here ?

Well, what can I say ? I left this blog unattended for some time now, I mean three little months.
I must say that I don't have any excuse as I had plenty of time to update it.
Don't know what happened.
Maybe I was just too lazy.
Yes, that's probably that, absolute laziness.