Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to draw Rajinikanth - a methodical approach

This blog has a statistics counter so that I know how often people access it, and from where. The counter also reports the referral which is the link from where people came, such as search engines. 
In the past months, the top searches which lead to my blog has been "How to draw Rajinikanth" and similar. People would then land on one of my previous posts: Rajinikanth, the man who can auto draw himself.
Since so many people are interested in drawing the celebrity, I though I would add my contribution to this noble cause.

So how to draw Rajinikanth ?

There are exactly two approaches:
  • As mentioned in Rajinikanth, the man who can auto draw himself, you can wait until your blank sheet of paper gets auto drawn by none other than Rajinikanth. Although a valid solution, it is not that practical since you might need to wait a long time, and the result might be unpredictable as the star will draw himself as he wants it, depending on his mood. Not much artistic control, I concede
  • The other solution is to follow the diagram below. It is a systematic approach and if you follow the arrows scrupulously, you'll end up with a Rajinikanth drawn by none other than yourself !
So arm yourself with patience or a pencil and good luck !

(Click to enlarge, unless you have a rajinikanthesque hyper vision)
The sure way to draw Rajinikanth


  1. Lol... Awesome diagram! :D

  2. Thanks Saatvika.
    Guaranteed artistic success at the tip of the pencil if you follow the diagram !