Monday, March 26, 2012

Some musical loop tests

No cartoon today but some new music that I recently recorded.
I recently got a Boss RC-50 loop station and have been doing some tests over the weekend.
This device lets you record up to three tracks simultaneously and overdub each one multiple times. This can result in some nice, weird, symphonic or cacophonous musical mille feuilles.
Here are some of the things I composed over the weekend using the thing.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Heart Attack !

For triple bypass burgers, it's straight ahead
Two weeks ago, a man suffered a heart attack while eating a Triple Bypass burger at the infamous Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. 
According to the Heart Attack Grill founder, Jon Basso, the intent is to serve "nutritional pornography" food "so bad for you it's shocking".
The menu includes delicacies such as Single, Double, Triple, and Quadruple Bypass hamburgers with "Flatliner Fries" cooked in pure lard. The "prescriptions" are served by "nurses" to "patients". If you are over 160kg, you eat for free !
Here's the menu (inside  outside).

In case you're wondering:, here's what a quadruple bypass looks like:
With some fresh tomato slices, it can't be that bad

Foie Gras

How foie gras is produced

Friday, March 2, 2012

Elections ...

Elections, time to make your voice heard