Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are Smartphone Users Omniscient Creatures ?

Don't tell bullshit to a smartphone user, you'll look dumb
Today's topic is: Are Smartphone User Omniscient Creatures ?
Smartphone owners seem to be gifted with an encyclopedic knowledge about almost any topic you can imagine.
As soon as you say something they will happily contradict you by giving you some powerful example, still hot from the entrails of their smartphone, or will nod and confirm your words with a definitive "yes, you are absolutely right" after having discreetly consulted the wireless oracle.
The device acts like an natural extension of their brain, and in some sorry cases, an actual substitute.
Like St Thomas, they will only believe what their smartphone says.

So what is the answer to today's question ? I wish I had a smartphone to answer you !

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