Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inside the Large Hadron Collider

This undated photograph shows distressed hadrons just before the collision 
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a gigantic particle accelerator of 27km in circumference, located under ze franco-swiss border near Geneva. It was built by the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN) or European Organization for Nuclear Research.
The principle of the collider is to accelerate two beams of particles (hadrons) with powerful magnetic fields to close to the speed of light (without attracting the cops attention, that's why it's done clandestinely 175 m underground), before colliding them.
These experiment will help to elucidate questions that the Standard Model is failing to explain. These questions are for example: what is the origin of mass ? Does the elusive Higgs Boson - supposed to 'provide' mass to other particles - exist ? or what is the nature of dark matter and dark energy which make 96% of the universe ?
Some obscurantists claim that there's a risk that the LHC might generate a black hole when it will run at full power. If it indeed happens, no one will be there to say: "these damn obscurantists were right this time".
For more info, please check the Large Hadron Collider website

All these years searching and it was hiding behind !

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