Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh wait, already 2013 ?

Hello folks,

Yeah no need to mention it, I know, I left this blog unattended for quite a long time. To justify my absence, I was going to explain in details that I had been kidnapped by extraterrestrials who didn't have an internet connection aboard their spacecraft, hence the absence of new posts.
However, I refrained to do so at the last minute feeling that the story would cut no ice with my readers (despite the fact that intergalactic temperatures are typically close to a good -273.15 C).

Anyway, we are now in 2013 AD and hopefully more cartoons and music will come.

For today, here's some jazz piece that I recently composed.
I'm not sure if I actually have already heard the theme or a similarly sounding theme somewhere.
If you know of any similar theme, please let me know.
I couldn't find a title, so since I was cooking pasta when trying to find a name, I just named it 'Al Dente'.
Hope it's not too hard on the ears !

1 comment:

  1. I was wondering if you had stopped with this blog !
    waiting for the rest ...
    cool music btw