Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hima Himalaya

No cartoon today, but a new composition featuring some crow and an other bird which were singing in the tree in front of my house this morning.
I initially called the composition Himalaya, which is kind of lame, I know. Will try to find something else next time.
Guitar + electronics played by myself.
Don't know the name of the crow - will ask him next time I hear him.


  1. The crow's soud is neat! Still waiting for the next chord:) Come on Samy, I know you can do it!

  2. Uuh other chords ? you're crazy ?
    The piece is supposed to get on your nerves but slowly, as you listen repeatedly and your brain produces endorphin to soothe the pain, puts you in a state of superior mental unconsciousness by shutting your neurons down.
    Adding extra chords would prevent you from reaching this state of enlightenment.
    However, more crows will come, the guy in the tree is calling his friends at this very moment to setup a choir !

  3. man you're genius, you've just shut down my two neurons left! I dig that clean deep bass line :)

  4. Perfect ! the optimal number of neurons for a standard human being is little less than one, so you've now reached the nirvana, the sacred Graal. I guess you just need to go to the pub to celebrate that event !