Thursday, October 20, 2011

One has to always wait a little for Namma Metro

One has to always wait a little
For the train to come
It might be delayed by hours, days or years
Any inconvenience will be deeply regretted

Two friends are talking about random things. 
I don't know where they are, and what their names are. 
Please don't ask me because as I mentioned in the line above, I don't know.

- so finally today is the day !
- the day of what dude ?
- the day Namma Metro, which mean "Our Metro" in Kannada,  is officially starting its commercial operations here in Bangalore . This has been quite a long wait.
- delays ? what do you expect from a public transport ? one has to always wait some time for a train or a bus to arrive, otherwise that would be too perfect and, I would even risk, would instill a sense of deep anguish as it would disturb that delicate balance that we are so comfortable with. Not to mention that our internal clocks which account for these delays would have to be reprogrammed.
- Yes, but it's becoming a bit too much for my taste. You know, they missed a few deadlines for the first phase. First these guys said that it would start in March 2010, then promised it for December 31st 2010 and then said it would be in April 2011 for sure and then they claimed that it would definitely be on September 25th 2011. Of course it didn't happen, this time because Manmohan was in New York for the UN general assembly and hence couldn't inaugurate it. They finally declared that 20 October would be the date - 100% definitely guaranteed.
- By "they" you  mean some politicians ? These politicians, even if they had announced it for the Greek calends, you could be sure that it would eventually come one day. What do you expect from them ? deliver on their promises ? One has to always have a feeling of being taken for a ride by politicians - he he a good one when we are talking about public transport no ? - otherwise that would be too perfect and, I would even risk, would instill a sense of deep anguish as it would disturb that delicate balance that we are so comfortable with. Not to mention that we would really have to start thinking about who to vote in the next elections since it would now actually make a difference.

And then the two friends suddenly part ways. Not sure where they went after that. Please don't ask as I don't know.


  1. excellent blog :)
    reading this is enough to ruin the leftovers of my mental sanity that the country already exercised on me for the time spent here :) but very funny... and so true