Monday, June 6, 2011

What really happened in the Situation Room ?

Watching a classified episode of The Simpsons can be a nerve racking experience 
So you're wondering what's the real story behind the famous May 1st situation room photo ?
No, it was not taken during a live broadcast of some Navy semi aquatic mammals storming a compound where Bin Laden was hiding.
What really happened is that a top secret episode of The Simpsons was secretly broadcast in the Situation Room and that the photo was taken at particularly intense moment where Homer Simpson was about to commit some (classified) action.
Marcel, a big fan of The Simpsons, was actually present that day and is seen and heard letting his emotions speak in this unedited and non-muted photograph.
The security protocol of the White House requires that photos must be edited to remove any element that could compromise national security before their release.
The exhaustive list to date is the following:

- Classified documents whose level ranges from restricted to top secret
- Nuclear secret codes (unless they consist of less than 2 digits)
- Sounds and voices
- Acne on top officials' noses
- Pizza delivery man
- Rats (thus Marcel absence in the official photograph)
- Playboy magazines
- Beer bottles
- Cannabis joints

So now that one is an unknown that you now know !
Now you'll ask: how did I get the unedited photograph ?
I'm really sorry but I cannot tell you that now !

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